Hobby Dynamics equipment gadgets gizmos & Solutions inc.

Hobby Dynamics is a dynamic and innovative company that has evolved from its humble beginnings as a hobby shop selling toy drones to become a leading player in the drone industry. Established in 2014, the company quickly gained recognition by offering high-quality DJI drones, catering to both kids and adults who were enthusiastic about drone technology.

As the popularity of drones soared, Hobby Dynamics emerged as one of the pioneers in the industry, meeting the demands of not only recreational users but also a wide range of industrial applications. This success led to the opening of the company's first DJI Authorized Retail Store in 2017, located along Panay Avenue in Quezon City. Since then, Hobby Dynamics has expanded its customer base to include corporate accounts and government agencies, further solidifying its position as a trusted provider of drone solutions.

With a forward-thinking vision and a commitment to growth, Hobby Dynamics has ventured into the thriving E-Sports and Gaming industry. Recognizing the passion and talent of Filipino gamers, the company aims to support their aspirations of becoming champions by offering the best gaming solutions and peripherals. In line with this goal, Hobby Dynamics carries an impressive lineup of premium brands such as Artisan JPN, SkyPAD, Pwnage, Audeze, XTEN, Logitech, and Lethal Gaming Gear Products.

By diversifying its product range and embracing new markets, Hobby Dynamics continues to push the boundaries of innovation and remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and superior customer service. Whether it's empowering drone enthusiasts or fueling the competitive spirit of gamers, Hobby Dynamics is committed to enhancing the experiences of hobbyists, professionals, and organizations alike.