Hobby Dynamics:

Equipment Gadgets Gizmos and Solutions Inc. was formed in 2014 and started as a hobby shop selling toy drones for kids, adults, and enthusiasts. As the company built up its name from the grounds, Hobby Dynamics was one of the pioneers in the drone industry by selling "DJI" drones. The toy products now then became "toys for the big boys" and these drones are widely used not only by individuals for recreational use, but for large variety of industrial applications as well. In 2017, The company was able to open its first DJI Authorized Retail Store along Panay Avenue, Quezon City and has expanded its customer network now serving corporate accounts and government agencies. With the company's vision to grow further, Hobby Dynamics has been diversifying and is now gearing towards the E-Sports / Gaming Industry. With the goal to support the Filipino gamers in achieving their dream of becoming champions, HDEGGS' plan is to provide and offer the best gaming solution / peripherals for our gaming community. As of today, the company carries premium brands such as DJI / Artisan JPN / SkyPAD / Pwnage / Audeze / XTEN / Logitech / Lethal Gaming Gear Products.